My dream house is at Bananahigh land – Teaztoons 

For the rich men in Nigeria, they stay in banana island but for my weed smoking friends, they always stay in bananahigh land. Happy...

Mistake of African police men by teaztoons

For crying out loud Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan, Algerian, Egyptian and other African police men, the right word is PULL OVER and not OYA PARK.  Lol,...

Creativity at is best 

Just stare into this burst of creativity and colors, and enjoy blackart.

Prosperous new year from all of us at Wildkhard 

New year 2017! Wildkhard is urging you to park all your negative mindset in 2016 & move positively in 2017. With love from @teaztoons 

My take on people changing their gender

My take on this present day gender dilemma ,,,, please people should stick to the genital they came into this world with!! No...

Chaniye. The beginning

Today! ....teaztoons gets involved in the chaniye (@chaniye) by  ghana rap artist "abladzo kwame"... teaztoons lunches the chaniye cartoon illustration campaign wif this quick ...

Cartoons by Teaztoons

Teaztons takes you through a series of our new pencil and pape work on art in this new edition of teaz toon series. Watch...

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