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  1. Wildkhard is something or someone that stands unique in whatever he/she does. Examples: “Lionel Messi is the wildkhard of football; Michael Jackson was a wildkhard of pop music”.
  2. Someone who never follows the trend bust still stays on top of their game. Examples: “Kanye Omari West & Nas are the wildkhard of rap music”.


Wildkhard.com is a Ghana, Africa entertainment website bringing you not just the latest but the accurate entertainment news, music, events, reviews, motivational write-ups and every other information you need to know about the Ghanaian & African entertainment industry.

Wildkhard is not just an entertainment writer but also a freelance writer for Africa Patrimony (Heritage), I take pride in writing about great African events that has happened in the past and how we can help make Africa a better place through the power of our pens. I write poems sometimes too.

Founded by entertainment critic, Chelsea football club freak, IT expert & human right activist– Olalekan Abdulqudus (Wildkhard); in January 2016, wildkhard.com is that one stop view for everything relating to entertainment in Ghana and Africa at large, and every information you need to know to keep you updated about happenings around you.


Wildkhard dosen’t follow the trend to write about everything that happens in the industry, we only write about what matters & how we can help make what matters better and use it to improve the entertainment industry. Other entertainment websites report news only, I report entertainment news because I am part of the news.


Wildkhard would always endeavor to always give out entertainment news which have been confirmed to be true with at least 91.5% and up-to-the-minute news on entertainment, events, lifestyle, music and videos and a host of others. Wildkhard would also not forget to make it a point to give you live updates from trending events via our social media platforms to give you an idea of what happened first before we put up the official write-up and appropriate media files for your viewing pleasure on wildkhard.com. We won’t be leaving out who exposed who, what did who do, who dissed who, who kissed who, who nailed what and who flopped with what, that brings us to the major reason why the symbol for wildkhard is “Amebo @ its best” cause we bring all the nkonkosa as it happens without reducing the salt nor adding any seasoning. *wink


Everyday a new blog is being set up and a new blogger has something to offer cause the world come across loads of information on a daily basis, but knowing which site is telling the truth and which site can be relied upon at all times is the main reason why this agenda of setting up wildkhard.com was kicked off.

Wildkhard.com also has a column for guest blog where potential writers and people with contents to dish out to the world are given a platform with a name where they can put out their contents for readers of wildkhard.com to view. In addition, wildkhard.com also have a category for wildkhard write-ups with tag name “#iamWildkhard”  where reviews, comments, views and opinions credited to wildkhard are been put up.

Talk of a very playful and social media lover and wildkhard comes in; the handle is wildkhard wherever you go. If it’s not from wildkhard, then it was just framed UP.