Eyes starring
My feelings are no more blurry
Hate or love
Admiration or disgust
Whatever it is, I like it much
She has this pale look
Like everything in Her life is hopeless and stale to
The irony, cuz it’s that same look
That keeps me moving and hope full
Everything about her is charming
As everything about me is Alarming
But I’ll ride through
Cuz with Her,
I want to get serious and quit all forms of play.
And I can’t pretend,
All of me wants to be with Her till the end of day.
There’s no moving on if she ever break my heart
If I ever hurt her, I’ll rip my heart apart
And make mends to the moon and back
She all I want, and I hope she lasts
If everyone around me is disco, She’s jazz.
She’s a blend of everything calm.
She more than my butterscotch queen
She my galaxy.