Moshood Kashimawo Abiola is dead!!!

The blood of MKO still hunts Nigerian politics,
The business tycoon was arrested following a presidential election which he won free & fair, & was beaten to death on the day he was supposed to be free. I & many other Nigerians can boldly say: “Abiola’s election was the only free and fair election ever had in Nigeria till date”.

How do you sleep at night General Ibrahim Babangida? You denied that Egba man victory due to your selfish military interests. You delayed the results to be announced from 1993 till 1998 when he was assassinated, Before he ran for the presidency, he had: Abiola farms, Abiola football club, Abiola bookshops, Radio Communications Nigeria, Wonder bakery, concord Press, Concord Airlines, Summit Oil International Ltd, Africa Ocean Lines, Habib Bank and Decca W.A. He was the patron of the Kwame Nkrumah Foundation, a trustee of the Martin Luther King Foundation & much more.

Rest in peace Abiola,
I remembered how Nelson Madiba Mandela fought for your release under the Abacha’s regime,
I remember how Ken Osaro-Wiwia was murdered alongside 8 of his Ogoni members,
I remember how Abacha betrayed Mandela by killing the Ogoni people after they were pleaded for by Nelson Mandela in ’94,
Al-Mustapha spent years in prison just because he claimed he had a video that proved you did not die a natural death.

Nigeria’s election has always been a mess since your death, sir. Never would I ever forget the “Epetedo Proclamation” (One of the most powerful election speech ever made in Nigeria). Obasanjo cheated, Yar’adua cheated, Jonathan, cheated, Buhari cheated and whosoever would come next in 2019 also has plans of cheating.
Your name Kashimawao which means “Let us wait and see” has truly worked for you against Nigeria politics. This day June 12th is marked as a memorial day, but if and only if they allowed you to rule,
your regime would have been the most memorable regime in the history of Nigeria till date.

Rest in the bossom of the Lord sire, A polytechnic has been honoured in your name “Moshood ABiola Polytechnic” that has served as one of the top tertiary institutions for learning sir. Every June 12 is a public holiday in Lagos State and Ogun State sir.
Al-Mustapha has been released from prison and promoted in the Army sir. Nigeria is gradually fighting the battle against corruption sir. (I can’t boldly say you were not corrupt either sir)
Your slogan: Hope 93′ would never be forgotten, sir. The poverty alleviation scheme you wanted starting back then is dead sir: People still wake up w/out food to eat, light to work, water to drink and money for basic social amenities sir. The Nigeria of our dreams is still far in sight sir but we are not giving up as we always listen to our wake up call.

But one thing i can promise you for sure sir, I’ll be among those to keep if not all your legacies, Poverty must be reduced to its barest minimum, not only in Nigeria but in Africa at large.
Who is going to clean the mess of Nigerians abroad? Change begins with me, you, him, her, she, they, we & us. Nigeria is bad, Nigeria is corrupt, Nigeria is this, Nigeria is that.

Nigeria is no breathing soul, Nigeria is not bad, It’s we the people that have a lot of work to do.
Be the change you want to see in your homes, be the change you want to see in Nigeria, be the change you want to see in Africa.
“Kashimawo” l’agbara Olorun sir, Nigeria shi ma da sir.
Rest in peace MKO.