This news has been trending on social media for a while but i did not blog about it cause i wanted to confirm its authenticity, apparently the news is now really true. AMG business boss, Cris Waddle has been dating the girl he is pictured with above for a while but decided to keep it on a low cause she seem underage or probably not in his class.

   According to the girl, she constantly asked to take pics with him but he obliges, the day he finally took pics with her and post it on social media, he captioned it:”She said she love me, i said am taken, she said she dosen’t care” The girl then got insulted by his fans where they were all calling her a whore.
   In a way to break up with her he puts it in that manner and confronts her with it. The girl felt offended by all he has done to her and what she has been through for him and she attempted suicide. Herrh, this be serious, see picture of her attempted suicide below.

  Attempted suicide is a punishable offence in Nigeria, what of Ghana? See what Waddle posted on Snapchat again  below after the news started trending on social media.


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