Using the bathroom, getting your clothes on, picking a car to the world trade center just to meet a flopped Teen choice awards yesterday was one hell of an experience. The event which was slated for 27th August kicked off at about 8:30pm which was a good sign the show was going to end early. But the only properly arranged spot in the venue happened to be the red carpet, the stage was not attractive, the MC were boring, there was no adequate security for the people that were in attendance etc.

    The most annoying part of the night was when shs boys were fighting over a girl to the extent that the girl was even beaten by one of the boys, there were no security men to control the dumb boys, the fight happened like 3-4 times consecutively among the same people and nobody was there to call them to order. Who dare organizes a show and not provide adequate security?
    Furthermore, the hall was so scanty you could stand at the door and count how many people were in attendance, upon the fact that they had over 10 media partners. It’s high time event organizers stop perambulating around the same old event partners becuase they pay nothing to partner each other and pay bloggers to hype your event. What is the use of partnering people who cannot help hype your event?. How can you call an event Teen choice awards and you don’t even have teens in attendance, you just have some random senior high school boys looking for some random senior high school girls to devour.
     It’s high time we have a standard entertainment industry in Ghana that censors events and ban those ones that are not yet eligible to be held, not everyone knows how to organize an event. The organizers of the Teen choice awards needs to wake up. Even when EL came to collect an award on stage, you could notice he left almost immediately, no one wanted staying back cause of how disorganized the event was.
   If you watch the American teen choice awards, you want to watch it all over again cause of how matured they have made it look like. The organizers of Ghana’s version of the Teen choice awards should go back and re plan well, so that next year’s edition would be much better than this. With all due respect this year’s edition was completely nothing to write home about. #iamWildkhard