After a sunny tiring day roaming about the streets of Accra, I retired back to my bed and just shouted at Siri to play music, the first track that came was “KJV – common sense” and the second was “KJV – baba dahun”, there and then it dawned on me that King Jiggy is already supposed to be a household name in Africa. I had myself asking questions like what is wrong. After a few minutes, I decided to do a review of his latest single Baba Dahun and talk about his other two released singles, joyful and Common sense. Enjoy after the break.

        Gabriel Oluwaseyi Omopariola aka King Jiggy Vocals  is a recording artist of Trailblazers entertainment & the record label sent the whole entertainment scene into shiver when they dropped the visuals to KJV’s first major hit song titled Joyful back in May 2015, even though the audio did not ring bells, the video surely did. And as if that was not enough, the video was shot in South Africa, that busted our minds more and we expected KJV to be the rookie of the year at the Headies award. With over 29,000 views, he followed it up with the release of common sense, and that was what we all believed to be the banger. Common sense was a commercial song and that alone made it unique. The visuals was shot by Paul Gambit with cameo appearances from Craze Clown in locations that apparently seems to be in Lekki, Lagos state, Nigeria. (Imagine an upcoming artist already shooting in S/Africa and Lekki).

        When common sense came out, I said to myself, this song is just there to introduce KJV more, but he needs to follow up with something big to finally cement his place in the music industry. An example was kiss Daniel releasing “kiss Daniel” and following it up with “WOJU”. Kiss Daniel was just the introduction, WOJU was the main song. Common sense was just an introduction, a remix with Olamide which we all expected in vain would have been the main song. He won an award with it in Cotonou and gradually the whole common sense vibe came down, then the wait for common sense remix or a new banger never came rather a snippet of Olamide jumping on the track rather surfaced online.
       After waiting for months, I heard from reliable sources that the management of KJV were the one delaying his new project and the board are planning on changing the management team. And finally on July 21st, 2016, baba finally answered our ears prayers by Trailblazers entertainment releasing “BABA DAHUN” to our ears & that brings me to the main reason why I want to plead with the whole new team that this song is a banger, you guys should do all it takes to make it a full hit. It has been endorsed by Orezi, Mr Eazi, Afro pop TV, Ice prince, dj jimmy jatt and a host of other big names in the industry, don’t kill the vibe before you come up with a video or a remix or even both.

      This is not time to apportion blames to any past management, this is the time to make your own impact real quick. I propose an olamide remix and an unlimited LA visuals though but if the management has contrary plans, they should take decisions fast and don’t kill the vibe. Big ups to Dina lunch, CEO of Zurak cancer foundation here in Ghana, President Mario of NSA Wisconsin Ghana, the whole team trailblazers & everybody who has in one way or the other help to promote “Baba dahun” for the much work done in the hyping of the banger. 
       Bloggers and social media fans have done their part, the rest is for team KJV to help make sure this song makes it to the Headies nomination by strategizing well and making the song a banger, we want a video to drop soonest too and we want KJV to be nominated in the category for rookie of the year, and words from the streets is that we don’t want to have a long wait before we hear a new banger, we need consistency.
       I hope the management takes this in good faith as opinions shared here are from wildkhard and just few remarks from fans on the street. Well I’ll just drop my pen here and retire to bed and make all my intentions known to God while singing baba dahun to him, I also want to toju iya mi. #iamWildkhard