I guess y’all have listened to Jupitar’s enemies remix ft Patoranking and noticed how expensive the video was, the music tone etc. Jupitar has been hyping the song for months now. Even before Patoranking released “Another Level”, Jupitar was already talking about the collabo between him and Pato. And behold the song finally dropped and the general even blessed us with a video too. Well, I personally think Jupitar should grow up and come out of the shadow of Enemies. He hit the music scene almost the same time with Stonebwoy and we all believed they were both going to be major threats to each other in the dancehall game, but the reverse is the case.

     Firstly, Stonebwoy has stepped up his dancehall game and moved away from the shadows of Baafira while the general is still depending on the success of enemies. Our wait for something new from Jupitar is just too long. 

       Furthermore, the new Enemies remix ft Patoranking should have even been given another title and not Enemies. In that way, we would know he is changing his game but still sounding like his first hit song, at least we have artist like Joey B sounding almost the same in all his songs but we still love it like that. And besides, the general should be taking a tip from his friend patoranking, they were together on the streets, hustled together and had their major breakthrough in the music industry. But see howfar Patoranking has gone by always bringing new contents and see how much the general is depending on his first hit song. 
     The general really has to bless us with something different and come out of the shadows of Enemies by giving us a new music sound and the track becoming a hit. Look at how Stonebwoy and Mz Vee are moving at high pace and making waves all over Ghana and even going international, I expect the general to move at that pace too. And he should not be discouraged or scared at the fact that Stonebwoy was the 2015 BET winner and Mz Vee was a nominee in the recently concluded 2016 BET too. He should not forget that Eazzy too is coming at full pace and Kaakie is coming back for her throne. The dancehall game is now the survival of the fittest and the general needs to stand fit in order to survive in the game. 

   Just like Manifest said “Ghanaians so concerned about diplomas and awards, titles and bibles, I find it absurd”. The general should just keep on making good music and his name would never be forgotten. Some glories are delayed but cannot be denied. EL winning the artist of the year in 2016 is a perfect example of a delayed but not denied glory. I heard sora kiss of 4syte TV is cooking something new with Jupitar, it better be what we have all been expecting from the general. 

    Well. I think I’ll drop my pen now, wait for the general’s debut album “ALPHA” to drop, go listen to godMc and then Kanta and quietly wait for my name to be included in the Ghana tertiary awards nominees list dropping in two weeks’ time. Much love for Jupitar since from day one but just a reminder, leave the shadows of Enemies general, we all believe you can do better.