Australian Joseph Sarkodie of “Sarkodie Photography”

So i was just roaming about the internet a few days ago and i came across this Australian photographer with name “Sarkodie Photography” He happens to share the same name with Ghana arguably most successful rapper, Micheal Owusu Addo Sarkodie. when i first saw, i thought Sarkodie has launched his personal website and decided to keep it on a low-key, but clicking on the link and it being a photographer’s page first made me thinking if there was a Ghanaian using the name “Sarkodie photography” in order to attract customers from Africa, it was later that i realized the photographer does not even stay in Africa.

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie

     This got me wondering if there is any connection of the name “Sarkodie” between Ghanaians and Australians. The name Sarkodie is believed to be a Ghanaian name and seeing an Australian photographer bear the same name got me go browsing through his profile to see if he is a Ghanaian born Australian photographer, but after much investigations, he apparently has no Ghanaian roots.
     Remember we also have Dr. Joseph Adusei Sarkodie who lectures at the university of Ghana and studied at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. For a moment, i thought the photographer was his son since the photographer is black.

Dr Joseph Adusei Sarkodie of University of Ghana

   Apparently i am wrong cause photographer Joseph K. Sarkodie is rather a multiple award winning photographer who has won numerous awards including Capture Magazine‚Äôs Emerging Wedding Photographer of the Year Award 2015, multiple AIPP NSW Gold awards, and the NSW Album of the Year 2014. He has a diploma of Photoimaging and is an AIPP acreddited professional photographer who got accredited in 2015.

One of the works of Sarkodie photography

    With over 13,000 likes on his Facebook page, let’s have a look into the works of the CEO of Sarkodie photography above as he recently won three awards in 3 different categories at AIPP NSW 2016 photography awards.

   Wildkhard hopes to meet photographer Joseph Sarkodie in the nearest future though in order to ask him a few questions on whether he has Ghanaian roots. Well before my money comes and i travel to interview him, let me just quietly go through Sarkodie photography wedding pictures whose work has already been featured on one of the largest selling magazine, Vogue Magazine. I’ll probably get my wedding pose from there and get married in 10 years time. But the question still on my lips is that: “Is Joseph Sarkodie an Ghanaian? If NO, do Australians also bear Sarkodie?