20-year-old Brazillian student who spent a night with Olympic legend Usain Bolt in Rio on Saturday, has thrown light on what went down in Bolt’s room that night. According to Daily Mail Online, 20-year-old Brazilian student, Jady Duarte, who had attended Bolt’s 30th birthday party, said the Jamaican sprinter had asked a bodyguard to tell her to come over and then later used google translate to ask her to go home with him.

    She said she was initially reluctant, but her mind changed when Bolt lifted his shirt, revealing his sexy abs. “He was stood in front of us and suddenly he pulled up his shirt and showed us his six pack. I had never seen anything like it. I just had to reach out and stroke it.
“It felt incredible. The muscles were as hard as stone. But I was paying so much attention to his abs that at first, I didn’t even notice it was Usain Bolt.” Judy said they soon made their way into Bolt’s room in the Olympic village where they quickly undressed and showered.
Bolt, she said, played Rihanna’s Work and used the google translate to tell her how beautiful she was. Then the game began. She said despite Bolt having a reputation as a great sprinter, the sex was a marathon.

“It was very passionate and hot – we were devouring one another. He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match – he is just like a regular guy. “I was expecting him to be fast but it was actually the slowest sex I’ve ever had. We did it for about 40 minutes then he took a couple of minutes rest before we did it again. “He was certainly quick at recovering but we didn’t have sex a third time,” she said. Judy said after the steamy sexual encounter, Bolt gave her hundred euros and promised to see her when he returned to Brazil for the Olympic paralympic games. However, she said she did not expect him to keep his promise after hearing that he had a girlfriend and was a serial womaniser. “I never imagined that he had a girlfriend or so many women. He’s a great looking guy, a huge star – but he is shameless. “It was a good experience and the sex was good but now I just feel like just another one of his girls.”


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