Contrary to earlier reports where Atom told Pluzz FM he was paid $20,000 by Apple for playing his song, Ye Wo Krom at their developers conference earlier this year, CEO of Events Republic, Mel Kwasi Davis has told HAPPY FM‘s SHOWBIZ XTRA that the Y3wo Krom hitmaker lied to Ghana about the deal. Read his statement: “She came to Ghana for a vacation and was sampling some Ghanaian songs. She wanted to take some of our music to the world.
It was my cousin who is a silent partner of Event Republic who is related to Bozoma. It was Gideon, Paa John and others who help her pick a couple of songs. Later she asked for Atom’s number and so she personally handled those negotiations. “Even Atom and his team didn’t know how to charge so Apple gave him an offer.
    Even people whose names were mentioned on that stage were compensated. This was on June 15th and only for Atom to come on radio to say Apple used his song and he demanded for compensation. Bozoma’s cousin called me and asked what was happening because of the reports he heard.” “After the song, Atom’s song became the number one most downloaded song in West Africa. The plan was to pave way for Ghanaians to be on some Apple sponsored events around the world. As I sit here, I can’t say Apple will like to deal with us.”