Actress and producer, Bibi Bright in a recent interview with Delay on the Delay show indicated that God’s creation is awesome and perfect without mistake, hence physically challenged persons cannot also be said to be products of God’s creation. She was quoted saying: “When someone is a disabled, that person cannot be said to be God’s creation; but was rather born.”
A visually impaired student from the university of Ghana Legon found that qute offensive and sent her a direct message which the actress wasted no time in replying the student and warned him never to dm her again. See the text sent by the student and reply from Bibi below.

Dear Bibi Bright, I watched your interview with Delay few days ago and I wish to register my thoughts on the comments you made in distinguishing creation from birth.
To begin with, you failed to recognize that birth or creation happens before future occurrences like accidents or even illness. A beautiful creation, or what you would like to call a manufactured good can encounter hurdles in life that can alter the initial appearance. For instance, a girl’s face can be sprayed with acid by her boyfriend and her face would get disfigured. Or more, a boy could be involved in an accident and may have to get some member of his cut off to save his life. even you, a beautiful actress can lose your beauty and charm if………
So please review your notes, madam. Speak for yourself as a manufactured good. All is beautiful before the sight of the ultimate creator. Have you forgotten that the same God said he knew us before we were born? Surely, then there must have been some creation before birth. Even manufacturers design their models before actually moulding them. Tell me you don’t practice your lines before going on set and I’ll equally tell you that you are not a perfect actress.
Bibi bright, if you respect the creation power of God, please leave him to be the ultimate judge of what is perfect.
Nina Efedi Okoroafor
Visually impaired student,
University of Ghana.

Bibi’s reply to my letter to her on twitter You got some nerves to send me a message….. It’s my views if you don’t like it then keep your views to yourself!! Stay out of my dm’s…. Stay in your box brain and leave me to be in my open mind.. Never ever in your life dm me again! Thank you! And visually impaired? Well ask your mama what she was taking in when she was pregnant with you… There you have your answer! You left your number for? FOH!!