So after a sunny and tiring day, I retire back to my room hoping to play any mad jam just to make me happy and crazy before I finally go to sleep. Then it dawned on me that there has not been any major hit song in Ghana in the year 2016, while analyzing why there is no hit song yet this year, I came to realize why we have many musicians who just come and after one single they go ghost for many years.
I would be analyzing why I feel many Ghanaian artiste are not just getting it upon how much talent they have in them & how much good music they make.
First of all, lack of unity in the entertainment industry, there is no unity in the entertainment industry, musicians don’t see themselves as one, and they always want to place higher precedence above each other. To me, the MUSIGA is just there for fun. Countries like Nigeria have nothing like an organized group or association where all musicians belong to, but there is still stronger unity between them that is why they are going very far both locally and internationally in the music scene. Now MUSIGA can’t ban a high profile artist song from being played on radio. Then of what use is the MUSIGA? Even without an organized association for musicians in Nigeria, tracks with profane lyrics are banned from airplay on radio by the NBC.

Furthermore, many Ghanian artiste wants to stand on their own and not start with any record label. It works for some artist that way, but you have to check the condition surrounding you starting your own record label as an upcoming artiste. How much money do you have? How strong are your connections? Do you have the resources & tools to run a self-owned label? How intelligent are you? Many artists use Sarkodie’s Sarkcees as a case study for starting their own record label. Sarkodie had the perfect management team, the support of his TM boys, and he was very strategic in his planning. His first album had mainly Nigerian features on most of the tracks, he quickly entered the Nigerian market and borrowed a leaf from how things are done there and that is why he is so successful today. Big shout out to Hammer and Sammy Forson too in the making of that legend, Sarkodie. You don’t just pick your best friend who is not focused and has no music management idea as your manager and believe all is well after your single manages to be played by Dj Black in the club. There is more to music than all that.

 Artists should be encouraged to sign to other record labels to have experience before finally opening theirs. It makes them last longer & more relevant in the industry. Take a look at Mz Vee, her perfect record label choice and strategic planning from her management team is what is making her this successful today at that age. She was recently nominated at a category in the BET awards. The question we should ask ourselves is: Did she have a successful 2015 than Shatta Wale? The answer is no, but due to some strategic planning and perfect management team she has, she was nominated and may likely even win it, cause the BET organizers are full of surprises as usual.
  Take a look at Shatta Wale, his success today is because he was very strategic in his planning, he knows how to control his audience, and he focused his primary audience which was the streets. Now from the streets to the flagstaff house and to the CAF awards, Shatta Wale’s song is been played all round Ghana today. That is what I call understand your primary audience needs, then use it to impress your secondary audience. Stage performance is also a very important criteria. My best stage performer in Ghana is Wiyaala though, i’ll talk more on this in another edition.

  Finally, music video channels are killing talents. Using 4syte as a case study, 4syte TV is selective when it comes to playing songs of artistes. I don’t know the criteria for playing songs on 4syte TV though, but I believe every video of prominent artists and promising new artists should be played on the channel because that is what it is a music channel is meant to do. 4syte plays more international music videos than Ghanaian music videos which is wrong. Even when playing the Ghanaians videos, I usually predict which videos would be played on 4syte most times, and I have been 80% correct every time I predict. But like I said earlier on, I do not know the criteria for playing videos on 4syte, but from experience with other music channels. Every video should be given a fair share. If 4syte continues this way, and Oceans TV continue their fair support to all artist, most people would prefer watching Oceans TV & TV3 which is not fully a music channel to 4syte which is one. I would talk more on how Charter house influences/destroys artist’s career in another edition of a music write-up.

This is my own view on the main reason why we don’t have our musicians contents going far. For now i’ll just drop my pen now, listen to Lil Shaker’s full album since there is no new hit song yet, so please “don’t wake me up, me a Chris breezy, *Madakraa*”. #iamWildkhard