After a very competitive and shocking group stage, Cristiano ROnaldo broke the record of becoming the only player to have scored in 4 consecutive Euros. Iceland gets to the group stage in their first campaign ever at the Euros. Sweeden are out and Ibrahimovic is retiring from Sweeden.
Let’s have a look at what we are to expect next before july 0th when the final match would be played. Read the full schedule and fixtures for the next round and quarter finals after the cut.

1. Poland vs Switzerland – Saturday June 25, 2pm, Saint-Etienne

2. Wales vs Northern Ireland- Saturday June 25, 5pm, Paris

3. Croatia vs Portugal- Saturday June 25, 8pm, Lens

4. France vs Republic of Ireland- Sunday June 26, 2pm, Lyon

5. Germany vs Slovakia- Sunday June 26, 5pm, Lille

6. Hungary vs Belgium- Sunday June 26, 8pm, Toulouse

7. Italy vs Spain- Monday June 27, 5pm, Saint-Denis

8. England vs Iceland- Monday June 27, 8pm, Nice

Euro 2016 quarter-finals

1. Switzerland/Poland vs Croatia/Portugal- Thursday June 30, 8pm, Marseille

2. Wales/Northern Ireland vs Hungary/Belgium- Friday July 1, 8pm, Lille

3. Germany/Slovakia vs Italy/Spain- Saturday July 2, 8pm, Bordeaux

4. France/Republic of Ireland vs England/Iceland- Sunday July 3, 8pm, Saint-Denis