So I was just minding my business today and thinking of what to eat when the issue of top blogger, Ameyaw Debrah not yet married at 35 came to my mind(Don’t ask me what is my business, he is just like an elder brother to me). Well, he is not the only single blogger at that age too though, because even Linda Ikeji of Nigeria is 35 and still single too.
But I remember, I have been noticing a kind of chemistry between him and curvy multi-talented actress, Joselyn Dumas. I’ll talk about 3 key notes I observed that made me draw this conclusion that he is crushing on her.

   First of all, judging from one of the past edition of the Ghana movie awards some years ago, the chemistry between the both of them was just too open. He made sure he got all her pictures perfect, Normally, Ameyaw does not snap with other personalities much when he goes to cover events, he is rather behind the scenes, but he broke protocols to snap with Joselyn on that night in the picture below.

   Furthermore, the most recent Ameyaw Debrah’s promo video for his blog released earlier this year had the face of Joselyn Dumas in it, and as much as i can remember, her picture is the only female Ghanaian celebrity picture in the promo video.*I stand to be corrected* That video send out more messages to us again. You can watch the video in the archives on his Facebook page.
   Also, the recently concluded VGMA 2016 was the event that made me know that he either crushes on her, or they into a secret romance *eyes  closed*. The chemistry between them on stage was much, the face he gave to EL when Joselyn was presenting EL’s award to her was suspicious too. He also posted the pictures of both of them on all his social media platforms including whatsapp.

   Well, this reasons are cannot bring us to a conclusion that  they might be dating or crushing on each other, but the last reason known to me alone for now is very strong. But I would not talk about that for now, I am still making my findings on it. Just keep visiting wildkhard, and I’ll update you on that soon. Let me just drop my pen for now, burn a matchstick in tribute to Muhammad Ale, listen to Aj Nelson and Wiyaala’s “power to the people”, and finally eat my cold Waakye without Garri in peace.